Vasopneumatic Device

Vasopneumatic Device

What Is a Vasopneumatic Device?

Vasopneumatic devices are machines designed to pump cold water into an inflatable wrap or brace, compressing the enveloped area of the body. This form of treatment is common among physical therapy practices, and has been proven effective in reducing swelling in the applied area.

Elevation and electrical stimulation are both commonly administered alongside vasopneumatic devices for a more comprehensive treatment of pain and swelling. While both treatments are effective separately, the combination of the two typically produces more notable effects. Patients usually report a temporary reduction or complete elimination of pain in as little as one session, which typically lasts 10 to 20 minutes.

Some types of vasopneumatic devices use only air for compression instead of cold water. While more convenient to set up, these machines have a stark disadvantage compared to the cold compression of the water-based machines. In Yakima, the more effective water-based vasopneumatic devices can be found at Central Washington Physical Therapy.

How it Works

Compression and cold packs individually have been shown to be effective in prevention and reduction of swelling. RICE, a popular mnemonic for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, is perhaps one of the most commonly repeated pieces of advice for reducing the swelling of an injury. A session of vasopneumatic treatment will apply at least three of the four principles: compression and cold from the machine, rest during the treatment, and, when applicable, elevation of the affected limb.

Treatment with vasopneumatic devices is not limited to the limbs. Many clinics will carry specialized inflatable wraps and braces for use almost anywhere on the body. Alongside the standard inflatable arm and leg braces, the therapist typically has access to shoulder, back, and foot braces, as well as an adaptable wrap. Central Washington Physical Therapy carries this specialized equipment, and can administer vasopneumatic treatment nearly anywhere on the body.

If you suffer from pain and swelling, particularly in any limb, vasopneumatic therapy may bring you some relief. Contact us below to get started.